Gate Safe is committed to promoting an improved understanding of the legislation and standards pertaining to automated gates and offers further comprehensive guidance to encourage best practice.

Gate Safe is the natural industry authority on automated gate safety, delivering practical information and training to the broad range of professionals associated with gate installations, as well as providing helpful advice to gate owners and the general public.

Gate Safe has been commended by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) for its pioneering approach, as the first organisation to put the issue of automated gate safety firmly on the public agenda.

Gate Safe was the first initiative to bring together ALL parties affected by automated gate safety, this includes:


    • Gate installers including electrical specialists
    • Gate Manufacturers
    • Architects
    • Quantity Surveyors
    • Construction companies
    • Insurers / Surveyors
    • Residential property Owners
    • Commercial property owners (including schools)
    • Estate agents, letting agents, inventory clerks
    • The general public
    • Trade organisations / safety organisations
    • Suppliers of gate automation equipment
    • Suppliers of access control equipment

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